Send Out LOVE!

Having peripherally experienced the passing of our family friend, I wanted to share with you some of the wisdom I gleaned over the weekend…

I watched as the love of one woman who touched so many people, reverberated throughout a family and others young and old…I listened as story after story, tinted with tears and laughter were shared, memories of a life that was built with love.  None of us are perfect, but bringing love, laughter and light to others is certainly a great way to be remembered…

I watched as almost strangers united in sharing fond memories of a friend and loved one and all I kept thinking was that I hoped she could hear all the ways she touched so many lives by simply being here on Earth.  It made me sad to think that she might not have known how much we thought of her ~ how much she was a part of all of our memories.

I saw kindness in strangers ~ the family who bought her family house ~ who had put a simple sign of Farewell on the lawn so as the procession drove past, we knew that her spirit lived on even in people who only had a slight connection to her.

The almost twinkling of bells heard as the talented Soprano sang Ave Maria at her funeral in her church where she’d raised her family.

The sweet granddaughter who beautifully played guitar and sang at her grave site ~ in the most heartwarming way.

The funeral home worker who with such kind words, promised to stay with the deceased as we all went to the repast so that we knew she was in good hands.

For all of those who stood up to say a few words about her ~ a small eulogy of acknowledgement of a life well-loved.

You know how I have shared in The Presents of Presence on FB that we only have today…that it’s a gift…that we need to enjoy it.   Well, in the midst of it all, I saw my own fault ~ and I believe sharing it is beneficial…a longtime friend with whom I’d lost touch and I were talking.  I told her that I always thought of her as my older sister and remembered many kindnesses she showed me.  She replied in genuine surprise that she didn’t realize I felt that way…and it made me so sad because I truly thought she knew…and it made me wonder if everyone in our lives knows how much they mean to us?

Does everyone in your life know how much they mean to you?

We only have today…don’t wait to tell them.

Please, tell them today…because they may not even know it.

So for all of you reading my blog…

You mean so much to me…

Thanks for being a part of my life.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Send Out LOVE!

  1. You are an angel on earth for so many, including me. Since you were 10, I’ve been blessed by your presence and presents! Thank you for being you!

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