You Make the World A Better Place to Be!

Rest In Peace Aunt Gloria

You Made The World A Better Place to Be!

Today’s blog is dedicated to a woman who passed recently.  Although we weren’t blood relations, Aunt Glo was a special woman in my life and she taught me so much simply by being herself.  It is with much respect that I say that I hope that when it’s time for me to pass that someone will think of me in the way that I think of Aunt Glo.

Aunt Glo made everything fun ~ as a child going to her house, it was always bustling and busy there which was a big difference from my home.  She had 6 children ~ 4 of whom were my babysitters at one point or another ~ and I was a junior bridesmaid in one of their weddings and a bridesmaid in another.  I always felt like I had older sisters and brothers when I was at Aunt Glo’s house because she always treated me like I was family ~ and it was so heartwarming to feel that way.

Aunt Glo could cook and would always have a party ~ the more the merrier.  I remember many parties at her house where people were spread out laughing and enjoying themselves…and eating!  The spread of food was always huge ~ there was always plenty and it was delicious!  I never remember her getting stressed out about having people over as I tend to get and she never cared if you brought an extra person because she always had an open house.

Aunt Glo would sit and chat with me as I got older ~ she always had a kind word for me and always took the time to ask about my life.  She was a teacher by profession and even in life ~ she taught simply by living her life.

I always remember Aunt Glo telling me to talk to Mary when I needed help.  She was the first person I knew who prayed the Rosary with conviction.

Aunt Glo had inner strength, a contagious laugh and she was beautiful both inside and out.

Aunt Glo, you made my world a better place to be.

Thank you for being YOU.

God Bless xo

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