I Love You…Fur-Ever!

I saw this card and it reminded me of our Tabby/Mainecoon mixed cat Chessie ~ aka Francesca Maria…who, in her infinite wisdom and love, never left my side while I was in bed since I was diagnosed.  Chessie became my constant companion and was always ready to snuggle on the bed with me when I was there.  To this day, she will still lay on top of my legs or snuggled on my side and her deep throaty purr reverberates against my body and I can feel the vibration of love that she sends straight to my soul which she emits with her constant purr.

I realize that the dog lovers are not believing this situation (and I love dogs as well)  ~ but I will tell you that I think she helped to cure me with her constant companionship.

We coined the phrase ~ FUR THERAPY ~ in our home from this phenomenon and now with the addition of our other cat Tiffany (an American Bobtail) who is even more affectionate (and verbal), we are all enjoying our animal connections.

We can take a lesson from our fur family ~ luxuriate in the warmth of sunbeams ~ naps are good for your health ~ chasing your tail is for the dogs (pun intended!) ~ be yourself ~ enjoy the moment ~ snuggling is heartwarming ~ do your own thing and don’t worry what others think ~ let the world know when you’re content by purring loudly ~ and so much more…

So here’s to Chessie & Tiffy…

thanks for keeping me in the moment

and reminding me to PURR loudly!


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