I Am Collecting Stories in My Life!

I AM Collecting Stories in My Life!

As I said yesterday, we all have a story to tell ~ we’ve all had trials and tribulations in our lives which affect us.  It doesn’t have to be a cancer diagnosis that changes your life ~ although that is what happened to me.  It can be the loss of someone or something important to you, it can be health issues, family issues, friend issues, money issues, natural disasters…there’s a myriad of difficulties that we can have on our ‘story board’ which have affected our lives.

But something almost magical happens when you can experience the difficulties, keep walking and come out the other side with intimate knowledge of beliefs, your spirit, your strength and most of all ~ yourself.

Since I began my work with SendOutCards, I’ve met so many different people and heard their stories…heartfelt, inspiring stories which I am honored in knowing.  Since I began my blog in earnest recently, I’ve begun to meet others as well ~ and I am loving it.

I recently started to Twitter which amuses my family.  I am learning slowly the ins and outs of it ~ what I love though is collecting the snippets of wisdom which enter my Twitter Feed ~ quotes, feelings, snapshots of other peoples’ stories…links to their stories.

It’s simply yet another reminder that we are all connected:  even electronically!  I was blessed to have been ‘retweeted’ a few times recently and I was so honored that someone thought my post was worthy of repeat.  Thank you for reading my posts ~ please know that I am grateful for all of your kindnesses ~ and I am touched by your stories as well!

You’re reading my stories, but this is not a one-sided chat my friends.

Please take the time to tell us your story.

Sharing with caring is a blessing.

I share because I care.


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