Thankful Thursday ~ Be Thankful!

Be Thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. -Oprah Winfrey

I just love this card from SendOutCards!  In case you’d like to send it as well, just log onto my website  and enjoy a free card on me!

I’m finding that sending heartfelt cards every day is like eating potato chips…it’s so easy to do and so much fun!  You start with one person ~ I need a birthday card for my neighbor and before you know it, you’re sending a ‘just because’ card to a friend and then a Welcome To Your New Home to your sister…and my analogy continues with being thankful for what you have…once you get started consciously thinking about and BE-ing THANKFUL for what you have…you DO end up having more!

FYI:  My bigger hips are here to prove it…I just love those potato chips!  LOL

Honestly though, here’s a challenge for you ~ try to take 5 minutes a day to think of and write down all that you have to be thankful for in your life…it’s so easy!

Let me get you started:

You got up this morning!  Woo hoo!

You can read…my blog! 🙂

Family, Friends, Loved Ones!

Food (mmm good…potato chips!)

Your Hair ~ yes, I’ve been bald, so I never have a bad hair day anymore!
(Ok, I do, but it doesn’t bother me!)

You have TODAY which is a PRESENT!  Enjoy it!

You can be thankful for little things and big things and all things inbetween!

If you feel like sharing, please comment below!


I am thankful for you!


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