A Little HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday) goes a Long Way!


Last week’s post about Hope gave birth to today’s since when I was looking in SendOutCards and wrote HOPE as a search word, this one popped up!

I don’t want you to think that this blog is all about surviving breast cancer, because although it’s a theme throughout because it is what I’ve experienced the last 10 years, it’s also about Hope, Life, and this Journey of Endurance that we all share ~ and we are all on this journey together…we are all connected.

Giving another person Hope is a gift that is priceless…there are no words to describe how Hope can change everything…for me, there is something magical in that simple word…HOPE.

HOPE ~ Helping Other People Everyday!

Say it with me…HOPE…do you feel it?  Doesn’t it just sound happy, releasing, sunshiny…dare I say, HOPEFUL?

I wake up every morning grateful that I am here and I enjoy whatever my day has to offer me.

I am determined to see the best that I can, to be grateful for each and every moment and to enjoy The Presents of Presence (yes pun intended!)

I HOPE you will join me in our Journey of Endurance together and leave a comment when something touches your heart.  I heard from a friend this week who told me that she had to reapply her makeup after reading one of my blogs ~ happy tears…and it made my heart sing!

“To hope is to risk frustration. Therefore, make up your mind to risk frustration.” ~ Thomas Merton

(via Tom Shadyac’s Favorite Quotes)

I HOPE you enjoy my blogging…and I HOPE that your every wish comes true in 2012!   And most importantly, I hope you HOPE and enjoy it!


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