Life is a Class with Oprah and James Redfield!

Tonight at 8pm begins Oprah’s Lifeclass which I am anxious to see as I love to learn!

Tuesday night from 8-9pm is James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecy, Global Prayer/Mediation which I just heard about and am also excited to listen in on since what Redfield’s written below has resonated with me deeply.

On Redfield’s site, he writes, “Tomorrow, October, 11, 2011, the Mayan Calendar predicts the long-awaited Unity Consciousness will enter its final step of manifestation. Far from a prediction of doomsday in the external world, the Calendar’s predictions are about internal events. To some people this time feels like the end of their old world inside. They are searching for a new spiritual beginning. And precisely now, the Calendar talks about the Ninth step of creation, Unity, becoming more available, so that it will be easier than ever before to tune into a divine connection in life that can replace the old world of distraction, materialism, and doubt. This connection will be ever more available until it reaches its greater power on October 28 and beyond. Yet this profound internal event will not be imposed in any way.”

Since late August, I’ve been trying daily to improve my life and change it for the better.  I’ve realized that my life has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and I want the next 10 to be different…I want to embrace what I’ve endured, experienced and learned and spread the valuable lessons that I’ve been blessed to learn to others.

One way is by my blog and my FB page.  The other is by my new venture into SendOutCards ~ so that I can spread sunshine, tell others how much they matter and hopefully make someone’s day special everyday.  That’s my goal now…and it continues onward and upward.

We only have this life, we only have today…and that’s why I’m making it count!

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